Waiter Natalie awkwardly flirts towards the bartender, Pete, and you can makes a night out together having him

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New Angels–Dylan, Alex and you will Natalie–are called to investigate the new disapperance away from more youthful computer genius Eric Knox, who was kidnapped out-of a parking driveway. The prime believe try Knox’s master competition, Roger Corwin, who was enraged when his takeover decide to try unsuccessful two months before. Vivian Wood, the fresh chairman regarding Knox’s organization, thinks one to Corwin got Knox kidnapped from the hopes of delivering a your hands on his voice personality application. Alex fulfills set for Corwin’s common masseuse and you may leaves your to sleep therefore the Angels normally snoop inside the locker and you can copy his schedule and you may vehicle key. Natalie reduces monitoring footage of your own kidnapping to obtain a image of one of several thugs, a good “weird narrow guy.

She ends up drugging his wine

The new Angels spot the scary narrow son from the class and you can cut off just after your. This new threesome goes into a fight with the man about alley; he escapes, but they discover Knox likely and you can choked inside a left behind strengthening. It nevertheless need certainly to recover Knox’s taken tech. Bosley forms a race group and you may allows Corwin’s invitation towards the tune. Dylan distracts Corwin’s limo rider while Alex vacations on the trunk area and sneaks a tiny cam to the Corwin’s briefcase. Natalie knows the brand new driver to own Corwin’s group while the scary slim kid and you may pursues your in another battle car. It log off the fresh new song or take their chase towards roadways prior to entering a game away from poultry into a connection. New slim son attempts to bail-out and you may topples for the liquid.

The latest Angels utilize the camera planted when you look at the Corwin’s briefcase attain usage of Red-colored Star’s design and you may look at safety procedures. Alex presents just like the an efficiency specialist and distracts all engineers. Dylan and you can Natalie top given that boys and you can lead toward mainframe. They normally use fingerprints and you may graphic models obtained from the latest administrators in order to open the newest doors. Natalie glides into mainframe and you may plants a detection product on the system. Vivian looks strangely troubled in the event the Angels identify one Bosley tend to getting handling the details while they usually do not promote Vivian and Knox access to Red-colored Star’s recommendations. They care one Knox may still get into hazard, and you will Dylan works a protection view on their household. Knox reveals the lady a picture of his dad on Green Berets, and you will demonstrates that he had been murdered of the his companion.

Dylan can be relate genuinely to his despair, due to the fact she forgotten their mom given that a tiny girl and never know the woman dad. Dylan goes facing her best view and sleeps which have Knox. Vivian comes up working while you are Bosley try running the fresh new study and you will tries to entice tagged ne demek him. Natalie and you may Pete go on a night out together to help you an excellent taping of Spirit Instruct, where she lives her lifelong desire moving towards show’s chief phase. The newest narrow child quickly reappears and you can eliminates Corwin. Due to the fact Alex tries to cook dinner before star date Jason production away from really works, males having machine firearms drive up-and capture their truck laden with holes. One attacks Natalie throughout the bathroom. The guy reveals, under duress, you to definitely Vivian rented him.

Natalie calls Dylan, who learns Vivian wishing in the family area. She tries to alert Knox, merely to learn that he has got held it’s place in to your program all the with each other. The guy acknowledges that he is over to score Charlie, following seem to propels Dylan out the screen. She eludes the round, but the woman piece tears off the screen and directs the lady toppling down a mountain naked. She becomes some help from several most surprised young guys and you may suits up with the girl relatives of working. Due to the fact threesome compares cards outside, work strengthening out of the blue explodes. Dylan realizes that Knox blames Charlie getting his father’s demise. He hatched the program to view Red-colored Star’s internationally placement options so you’re able to mix they together with voice personality application and to locate the newest reclusive Charlie.

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